Biomass for farms

Biomass is a great way to supply your farm and farmhouse or rural business with a sustainable effective source of heating.  Used for crop drying, barn heating,  greenhouse heating, hot water dairy wash downs. Farm biomass provides fuel cost savings, income from the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive), and reduces your dependence on fossil fuels.  Rural businesses looking to diversify will also find renewable heating of significant benefit.

With the Renewable Heat Incentive your farm could secure a grant for the next 20 years to reward you for installing a biomass boiler system to heat your farm. Wrights Biomass Services specialise in installing the system, maintaining it and completing the grant application forms, leaving you to get on the with the job of running your farm.

What’s more we can supply and install your boiler with ZERO UPFRONT COSTS, but paying for itself from the savings and RHI you receive, whilst delivering you a healthy 20 year profit.

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